Quilt Care

How should you care for your quilt?

Handmade quilts can be treasured for generations, so you want to care for them properly.

The very first thing, though, is to make sure you’re using your quilt! That’s what it’s made for – to be used and loved!

In fact, open air is great for quilts – it helps them stay fresh.

Wash it as necessary

Spot clean if you can! Small spills can quickly be taken care of.

Most quilts only need to be machine washed once per year or so, if that.

How do I wash it?

Always use the gentle cycle with cold water.

Never use bleach.

Always use a fragrance-free detergent.

If your quilt has vibrant or saturated colors, color catchers give peace of mind and prevent bleeding.

There are specialty detergents out there for specifically for quilts and vintage fabrics. I don’t personally have experience with them.

Show it off!

Quilts are made to be seen, used, and loved. The above picture shows how I display quilts in my home, but there are many ways (ladders, racks, wall hangings, draped over furniture, etc.).

No matter what method you choose, quilts should be re-folded several times a year to prevent uneven fading and damage.

“Sewing small pieces together gives me a peaceful heart and a quilt to wrap you with, my love.”

-Benita Skinner